Energy Monitoring

Have you ever said to yourself “Why is my electricity bill so high”, “is my electricity meter even working properly?”, “How much electricity am I using to charge my car?” If the answer is “yes” you are not alone. To help our customers to master their energy use Saltspring Solar is an authorized reseller of a revolutionary new energy monitor that can change the way you use and understand electricity. The Sense monitor is a small but powerful computer installed in your home’s electrical panel. It analyzes changes in current and voltage to measure power consumption across your entire home. Over time, Sense’s machine learning algorithms identify unique signatures in the power use of individual devices within your home and match them against a growing database of appliances and home electronics. Once devices are detected, you can see when they turn on or off, how efficient they are, and what’s going on at home when you can’t be there.

All this information is made available through Sense’s iOS and Android apps, so you can get energy insights, home awareness, and peace of mind in real time from anywhere in the world.

How much are we saving with solar? Are you using more power than you’re generating? Are you scheduling your EV to charge when your solar output is the highest? Sense gives you a powerful dashboard to monitor your power use and solar production in real time, with built in costs calculations.

Is my sump pump running? Over time, Sense will learn individual devices in your home. Once detected, set custom notifications for when individual devices turn on or off so that you can get a heads up if something unusual is happening at home. Keep tabs on your home.